Dr. Dietrich Mohme

Lawyer Notary
Specialist in employment law

Labour law, laws pertaining to liability for medical malpractice, notary, copyright, landlord and tenancy and laws on ownership.

Laguages: English, French

Dr. Dietrich Mohme
Dr. Dietrich Mohme

Training and experience

born in Bremen. Studied law in Göttingen and Freiburg
1990 practical training in Berlin. 1991 qualified in Freiburg.
1992 Singhania & Co. Solicitors & Advocates, New-Delhi. India.
1993 practised as a lawyer in Berlin
2001 specialised in employment law
2002 legal referee appointed by the health foundation
2008 Notary in Berlin.


American-German Business Club (agbc-berlin.de)
German-English Society
Law society
Medizinrechtsanwälte e.V. (Lawyers for Medicine)
ARGE Mietrecht und Immobilien im DAV (Association of Lawyers regarding Landlord and Tenancy Law)