Nicole Etscheit

Lawyer, Mediator (DAA)

Divorce and family law, European and International family and laws on parents and children, law of the air, mediation (families)

Languages: English, French

Nicole Etscheit
Nicole Etscheit

Nicole Etscheit is a lawyer and a bar-certified specialist in Family Law. Before she became a jurist, she studied communication science in Munich and worked as an editor for the German publishing house Burda in Offenburg. She then studied law at the Free University of Berlin. She completed her training as a mediator at the German Lawyers‘ Academy (Deutsche Anwaltsakademie – DDA) in Berlin. She obtained her Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in mediation from the Europe University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder in 2008. Today she mainly works as a lawyer and focuses in her mediator’s work on family matters.

Training and experience

born in Düsseldorf, two children
1984-1985 trainee with publishers Burda, Offenburg.
1985-1989 editor, independent journalist in Chicago.
1990-1998 studied law and completed her practical training in Berlin.
1993 Rush Moore Craven Sutton Morry & Beh, Honolulu.
1999 practised as a lawyer.
2006 qualified as a mediator (DAA).


Berlin law society
German law society
Arbeitskreis Familienrecht (Working group covering family law)
Arbeitskreis Mediation (Working group covering mediation)
Haus- und Grundbesitzverein (Association for House and Property Owners)
Deutscher Juristinnenbund (Association of Female Lawyers)


Das ABC des Familienrechts (