Lawyer’s Office

Our legal expertise is directed at the individual needs of our clients.

Trust is based on positive discussion – our Partners and Associates are at your disposal.

Our team of specialised lawyers, with their sound know-how and practical experience, will guarantee that matters are handled with the utmost professionalism at all times.

Our team comprises experts in every branch of law we cover and it is our aim to always provide you with the highest level of service.

Our legal expertise

Our legal expertise is directed at the individual needs of our clients. We serve medium and small enterprises as well as private individuals, regardless of the nature of their concerns.

We provide a comprehensive service and give advice on the most complex points of law. Our notary in Berlin complements our effort and is particularly instrumental in dealing with out-of-court settlements.

Lawyer's Office

Practise areas

Employment Law

  • Advising both employer and employee
  • Protection against unlawful dismissal and termination agreements
  • Advising medium and small enterprises on all aspects of employment law
  • Providing advice to boards, management and department heads
  • Working out social compensation plans and reconciliation of interests
  • Works agreements
  • Advising works councils and employers on aspects of the law governing works constitutions
  • Advising on restructuring projects, out-sourcing, transfer companies
  • Representation in court
  • Out-of-court settlements and mediation

Building Laws

  • public building law
  • building application

Inheritance Law

  • Advice on wills for private individuals and entrepreneurs
  • Drawing up wills, including matrimonial wills, “Berlin” wills
  • Company succession
  • Contracts of inheritance and agreements on the renunciation of future inheritance
  • Contracts on the giving of gifts
  • Advising heirs, advising on anticipated succession through life-time donations
  • Notarial certification of wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Enforcement and defence of entire claims or claims to a compulsory portion of an inheritance, settlement between coheirs
  • Execution of wills
  • Representation for both in- and out-of-court disputes
  • Out-of-court settlement and mediation

Family Law

  • Agreements on separation and divorce; divorce by consent
  • Marriage and partnership contracts, contracts between extra-marital cohabiters
  • Spouse and child maintenance
  • Apportionment of assets and liabilities and equalisation of any surplus
  • Rights of unmarried parents
  • Custody and access rights; agreements on access rights
  • Divorce at home and abroad
  • Notarial certification of marriage contracts and divorce agreements
  • Representation in court
  • Out-of-court settlement and mediation

Commercial and Corporate Law

  • Incorporation of companies, setting up new business enterprises, making decisions on the legal structure (GmbH, KG, AG, Ltd. GbR), company transformations
  • Purchase of enterprises, mergers & acquisitions, due diligence
  • Rights and responsibilities of the board, of management, of shareholders, and of advisory boards
  • Contract law, distribution agreements
  • Laws governing commercial agents
  • Laws on awarding contracts
  • Consumer protection
  • General terms of business (AGB)
  • Representation in court and arbitration proceedings
  • Out-of-court settlements and mediation / mediation of economic disputes

Intellectual Property Law

  • Laws governing land plots
  • Sale and purchase agreement for land plots and real estate
  • Laws governing agreements with building contractors (MaBV)
  • Advice and due diligence provided in connection with property transactions and building contracts
  • Property transactions, advice provided to investors, property management companies and housing associations
  • Laws on ownership (WEG-law)
  • aws governing brokers
  • Advice to foreign investors
  • Provision of notarial services for all property acquisitions and land charges
  • Representation in court

Laws on Liability and Damages

  • Laws governing liability for medical malpractice
  • Damages for pain and suffering
  • Contractual violation
  • Invasion of personal privacy
  • Compensation for injury to personal rights
  • Insurance disputes
  • Defence of third party liability claims arising from the practice of one’s profession
  • Damages from accidents and traffic accidents
  • Out-of-court settlement and mediation
  • Representation in court

European and US Law

  • European and international civil law
  • European and international family law
  • UN Sales Convention
  • US laws
  • Representation in court, mediation, arbitration

Representation in Court

  • We are registered to represent our clients in any court in the country (excluding the Federal Court of Justice) in order to assert and defend our clients’ claims
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings

Copyright, Media and Competition Law

  • Copyright and right of publication
  • Right to privacy, compensation
  • Laws governing competition and advertising, protection of industrial property
  • Laws governing trademarks and utility models
  • Laws on computers and software
  • Laws governing new media, internet law, e-commerce
  • Protected privileges for performing artists
  • Representation in court
  • Out-of-court settlement and mediation

Landlord and Tenancy Law

  • Advising landlords and tenants
  • Commercial and residential space
  • Advising investors, property owners, management companies and housing associations
  • Advice and due diligence provided in connection with property transactions and building contracts
  • Laws on ownership (WEG-law)
  • Representation in court

Training and Seminars

  • We hold seminars on current topics
  • Moderation and coaching
  • Training for clients and their employees